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[15 Aug 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

well today was my first day of school...to my oppinion it was awfull...

by like 5th period wich is P.E. which i have with Jo and noone else i was soo sick i was like pale in the face and my head and stomach hurt...so i went to the office about to pass out my dad came to pick me up and i juss got sick everywhere...ugh it was awful and i have no classes with olivia or maggie or stacie or hoo ever but i do with like katherine and them...but yea today wasnt the best

Im goin to miss my summer dayz...with allie and tatum Allie came back from camp!! buit i havent seen her OMG but yea im tired i gtg


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[09 Aug 2005|09:01pm]

heyy juss got back from the beach!


hiiii [03 Aug 2005|07:02pm]

i love these girls like whoaaaaaaah! and i miss my alllie sternnnnnnnnn

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andy milonakis! [03 Aug 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | ahahahah ]

                                    i got peas on my head but dont call me a pea head

                                    bees on my head but dont call me a beehead

                                   bruce lee is on my head but dont call me a leehead

                                    now please excuse me i gots to get my tree fed

                                   you wear name brands and i make my own clothing

                                    i hand out with an apple who loves self loathing

                                    pancake on my face that makes me extra happy

                                   i like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy

                                     cause its my show you cant tell me wat to do

                                    when life gives me lemons i make beef stew

                                     soo you i gotta go its time for me to rocket

                                                 i put bologna in my left pocket

                                     smear some cream cheese in my gold locket

                                      cause its my show im andy milonakis

                                           its my show im shmandy shmiloshmakis

                                                              its my show im

                                                          ANDY MILONAKIS!


juss somthing [02 Aug 2005|06:51pm]
your name?Kaitlin Dickey
your birthday?3/27/91
where you live?greenville, SC
what school do you go to?Bob Jones
what are ur fave. shoes?my sperry topsiders and rainbow..a tie
favorite color?pink
your biggest fear?snakes spiders and dying
who do you like?will *****s
in the past month have you been on a date?yea
in the past month have you been dumped?yes
ever been drunk?nope
ever you smoked?noooooo
ever stayed up all night?yeaa
wheres your favorite place in the world?i dont noe alot of places
whats ur fave. thing to wear?lacoste shirts
do you like to dance?yea
sing?in the shower..
favorite food?taco bell bean burrito
in the past month have you cried?yess
recenty told someone how you feel about them? yea
recently said something you regret?yess i have
do you spill all your secrets to your best friends?deppends if its like super secret
do you trust your friends?most of them
last movie you watched?man in the moon
favorite tv commercial?old spice commercial
do you think you're forgiving?yea
do you believe in love at first site?yes
favoite movie?umm. The notebook and Titanic
cd you really want?carrie underwood
recently did/said something you really regret?i cant think of one


heyy im bored here

blah [02 Aug 2005|04:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

im at home and yeaa im bored i went to the pool yesterday and it was juss gay so me tatum and lacey went to my house...
i miss hilton head cause i got to see will everyday...wat a hottie hes soo fineeee
but yea michael and me broke up and its like not a big deal and everyones like wahh but i really could care less.
ummmm omg i love laguna beach soo much!! taht was random but oo and the andy milonakis showww is soo funny!! anyways OMG skool starts like in two weeks omg i dont want it to but i like to go back to school shoppin its fun yea...
the beach was great with tatum we went on the boat alot! ahah and will was there! and durham but umm noe. hah we met this kid skyler who was soo stupid we would like walk up to ppl and be like well hi! he thought we were soo weird lol me nad tatum are soo crazyyy!
i miss my allie stern like craaaaaaaazy i miss that gurl like soo much i cry when chariot comes on that our songg!! but she comes home in like 2 weeks i think then i start skool GREAT! but yea im soo starvin so im gunna go to taco bell and get a bean burrito YUMMMMMMMMMM my favorite but yea k bye


im back! [31 Jul 2005|08:40pm]
[ mood | content to be home ]

i juss got back from the beach! i had soo much funnnn!
insiders from the beach!
the Mexican kids...is PUNTA a bad word??
"look at all my friends"! the pigeons!
the little terds floatin down the river.
Orange ball and Stick boy ahah
Victoria Secret thongs...take the tag off lol
the Surfer dude..HOOOOOOO
"pass the remote"..."mm?"
"take your shoes off in my bed!"
its a little FAMILY TRIP TO THE POOL! ahah
the magic 8 ball tells LIES!
"i want onion rings!"
YOU look like a retarted ELVIS! ahahaha
snap. snap...."berrettes" -Dana
well hi! -skyler...yall are weird! ahah
I NEED SOME Court on the Cob and sommeee Court Chops
i guess will never got to give us out candy! WELL Hi! lol
TATUMMMMM! thnx for takin mee it was soo funn! and will is soo fine!! lol

LOL it was soo fun! ne ways tatum met this guy named bryan and they got pretty close if you noe wat i mean.... buttt i gtg unpack adn my brother is whinin for me to watch a movie with him soo i gtg ill rite later byessssss


nothin... [20 Jul 2005|03:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i juss got back from this tennis thing....
olivia is over now and yea we are tired we are juss doin stuff
yeaaaaa olivia and tatum are friends now well im bored soo we
are gunna go watch t.v. and eat sumthin...
i gotta finish packin for hilton head


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heyyy [18 Jul 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | content ]

im gettin ready to go to the braces
ppl or w/e you call em im supposed
to get them of in August but i dont
think thats gunna happen...
i wish i could get them off
before skool but NO soo
tatum is still sick and
she better get better cause
we are goin to hilton head
on friday...soo yea
IM me oon that sn i think
i rote it yesterday but
heres a reeminder
Gllh28! IM taht all
next weekk ok!!!
well i gtg ttyl!!!!
k bye.

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nothin [17 Jul 2005|02:28pm]

welll im bored.. I MISS ALLIE SO MUCH! i cant believe she will be gone for a month! Tatum is sick so she couldnt go to camp im kinda happy soo she can go to this banquet thing for GOWER! but i feel bad for her lol it was soo weird yesterday...i went to Championships for GOWER.. and i ran into this girl and she was like my BFF in like 4th grade she looked soo much different but anyways.. im soo not lookin forward to school its gunna prob suck next year but whatever i still have like a month left.. i want to go to the pool but i dont...soo i dont noe im bored. Last nite i went to my uncles house cause like all our family was there and my cusin plays the guitar and i was like "u noe any jack johnson" so he played Bubble Toes for me i love that song...im such a loser lol! i juss finished Chicken N DUmplinssss my FAVORITE food like ever with Green Beans GAHH i love counrty food it reminds me of my grandma ahahaha im stupid anyways....im gunna talk on aim more kaitlin* i gotta go to hilton head for 10 days with tatum and ill rite there but we will be on this gay sn Gllh28! soo IM me on that if ur readin this!


at tatums! [16 Jul 2005|01:52pm]
[ mood | whatever.. ]

im at tatums!! she is sick and she has to swim in championships yay and i gotta cheer her on in BUTTERFLy wich she is awesome att! OMG allie left for Seaferer for A FRIGGIN month im gunna miss that girll soo much! i loove herr!! she called me this mornin but like i was there like omg! but im listenin to music and we are online about to go to the meet..
i soo dont want skool to start...yesterday was funn alsoo..i went to the pool all day long like usual my funn dayzz
but i gotta go tatum is whinin cause she wantts me to make her a live journal wah!

k bye. ahah out inside joke! omg


fun stuff! [13 Jul 2005|01:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i had so much fun today well..
i went to the movies with tatum allie *michael* and lawson to see bewitched butmy dad was late soo ahah we went to see war of the worlds fun stuff...
then we went to my house for a while then to FRODOS! ahah Bo was there ahah and we had funn and then i had to go sumwhere..and tatum and allie went to gower...with the guys i LOVE my summer ppl soo much!


stuff [16 May 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | full ]

im so glad im outta skool thank the lord!
umm i love the 3 muskateers soo much
allie is like goin out with lawson now
i think they are soo cute!! i like dont
like ritin in this thing..cuase i dont noe
how to do pictures! lol i gtg ttyl!

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bla [15 May 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im at maryashleys today and we are goin to see the ring 2 cause all my pink ladiez have seen it lol umm mann ive have had a crappy week except for today im happy my friends are happ too! yay well i have to go i love you!

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weekend [05 Mar 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey yall i had a good saturday well friday nite tatum spent the nite and we watched the grudge and napollean dynamite! haha tina eat, eat the good EAT THE FOOD! then we went over to her house and we went to this lake behind her house and took pics but lea has to tell me how to ut them on lol ne ways i gotta do a book report n stuff so luv yall lots

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hey [21 Feb 2005|06:02pm]
[ mood | balblabla ]

heyhey! this is my first thing nayways my day was gay! i well it was boring but i had the best weekend with olivia skin at beech mtn!! shes awsome and i went to leas 13th b-day!!! hah lea the DEMON lol i had a great time!!!!! well i gtg do homeowrk ttyl!


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