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im at home and yeaa im bored i went to the pool yesterday and it was juss gay so me tatum and lacey went to my house...
i miss hilton head cause i got to see will everyday...wat a hottie hes soo fineeee
but yea michael and me broke up and its like not a big deal and everyones like wahh but i really could care less.
ummmm omg i love laguna beach soo much!! taht was random but oo and the andy milonakis showww is soo funny!! anyways OMG skool starts like in two weeks omg i dont want it to but i like to go back to school shoppin its fun yea...
the beach was great with tatum we went on the boat alot! ahah and will was there! and durham but umm noe. hah we met this kid skyler who was soo stupid we would like walk up to ppl and be like well hi! he thought we were soo weird lol me nad tatum are soo crazyyy!
i miss my allie stern like craaaaaaaazy i miss that gurl like soo much i cry when chariot comes on that our songg!! but she comes home in like 2 weeks i think then i start skool GREAT! but yea im soo starvin so im gunna go to taco bell and get a bean burrito YUMMMMMMMMMM my favorite but yea k bye
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